Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yes We Can Dance

This past weekend, Nalin and Aleena participated in the ISB After School Dance performance titled Yes We Can Dance.  Both girls and their fellow dancers did a great job.  Its really amazing to see how far they've both some in the last two years of dancing.  Two years ago, Aleena watched the assistants for her moves during the show.  This time, she knew them herself and did well.

Nalin really impressed me.  She was so much more confident and performed so much better this year than she had in year's past.  It was really great to see her improve.  At the beginning of the year, Nalin had signed up for jazz and tap dancing.  She stopped tap after the first semester.  She was so excited about this year's performance that she says that she wants to sign up for three different sessions next year.  For some reason she seemed surprised when I told her that it was fine.  My guess is that when it comes down to it, she will sign up for jazz and street funk, but pass on ballet and tap.

I worked the right door backstage for Friday's performance.  It was actually fun to see the girls getting ready for their big performances.  They practice all year, and this is their one big chance to shine.

Before the show, I snapped a few photos of the girls sitting and listening to instructions.  Of course the light wasn't great and I didn't use my flash.  I was going to toss them, but then I played around a little and was happy with how they came out.

_MG_1136 - Version 2

_MG_1132 - Version 2

After the show, I grabbed Nalin and her cousin Pam for a few photos. Aleena came along and I got her with the two, but I didn't see their cousin Pinkie, who had also performed.



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