Saturday, December 3, 2011

Busy Week

I was pretty busy this past week with photography projects.  On Sunday, some friends came over and I took a family portrait for them.  They wanted to get some photos during the pregnancy.

This week was the parental viewing for the ISB dance program.  I ended up going to nine or ten dance classes to take photos.  My original plan was to hit all the classes, but there were so many that I just decided to photograph some of them.  From a photography perspective, doing it on parent viewing day was probably not the best time.  The reason is that a few of the classes had a lot of parents watching, so I couldn't move around to get better angles without blocking them.    

On Thursday I led a photo walk for Nalin's class.  Originally we had planned to do this on one of the days that they were supposed to miss school because of the flood.  I started off talking to the kids a bit about photography, and then took them out in two different groups so that they could take photos.  I think that about 90% of the photos taken by boys included a basketball. 

Today I took some photos of the soccer league and the swim meet.  The swim meet was originally planned for mid-November, but was postponed because of the flooding.  

This afternoon I played around with taking photos of food coloring in a glass of water.  When you place a single drop in the water, it makes a pretty interesting pattern.  I need to play around with it some more before I share any photos of it.

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