Sunday, April 25, 2010


So yesterday Tim rode her bike over to Central (the mall).  The have a bike rack there for locking up your bike.  She has a fairly nice bike, but I only recently bought a chain for it.  When I got it, it had the default 0000 combination.  I took a few minutes to figure out how to change the combination and glad I did.

After she was done shopping, she went to her bike.  She noticed that the seat was higher, and that the lock was set to 0000.  Tim knew that she hadn't set it to that when locking it.  What probably happened was someone saw it and decided to try to steal it.  They adjusted the seat and then probably found it was chained.  They probably weren't professionals that had tools to cut the lock, so they tried 0000, hoping the owner hadn't bothered to change the combination.  Next time Tim said she'll ride the maid's bike over to Central.  Its not as likely a target and if it gets stolen, its a lot cheaper to replace.

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