Friday, April 16, 2010

Chiang Mai - Day 1

We flew to Chiang Mai on Air Asia out of Suvarnabhumi Airport.  Suvarnabhumi is the main airport in Bangkok.  Tim was actually hoping that we would fly out of Don Meung, the airport that Suvarnabhumi replaced as the main international hub, which now handles some domestic flights.  Don Meung is a lot closer to the house, but Air Asia flies out of Suvarnabhumi.

It was a pretty laid back day.  We went on a horse carriage tour of nine temple ruins in Chiang Mai.  The kids got a chance to try out the new waterproof camera that we picked up to take photos at Songklon and if we ever go diving again.  The camera was originally going to be Jacob's as a replacement for his broken one, but it was expensive enough that it became a family asset.  I didn't have a tripod with me, or my really wide lens, so while I took quite a few pictures that day and during the trip, I wasn't fully focused on photography.  In fact, I'll probably go back to Chiang Mai by myself sometime later to take more photos.

We ate Chinese for dinner at restaurant near the hotel.  The food was pretty good but the service was anything but great.  There was a Thai woman who cooked, took our order and brought out some of the food.  She was pretty pleasant.  When she was in the kitchen cooking, a Chinese man brought out some of the food.  He did not speak Thai or English, and apparently was allergic to smiling.

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