Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nalin's & Aleena's Dance Recital

Yesterday was the first performance of Nalin's and Aleena's dance recital.  The next performance is tomorrow afternoon.

Aleena is in in the Song and Dance class, and they performed as little strawberry shortcakes to the song Strawberry Kisses.  She did a great job.  They were all so cute in their little strawberry outfits.

Nalin is studying jazz, and she and her group performed to a medley of Michael Jackson songs.  The difference between last year and this year were remarkable.  This year Nalin was much more confident and performed so much better.  She didn't hesitate or watch other people; she knew her moves and did them well.  It was a great performance.

There was one hitch before the show.  I forgot to get flowers, so we had to send Yaow to get them.  She missed the very beginning of the show, which unfortunately was when Aleena performed.  She is going to the Saturday show.

Afterwards we went to Fuji at Central Chaengwattana for dinner and then to Swensens for ice cream.  Overall it was a great time.


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