Monday, June 13, 2011

Hua Hinn

Tim and I took the family to Hua Hinn and stayed at the Hyatt Regency for the weekend.  We made with trip along with five other families.

The weather was mostly nice, although it did rain for a brief time each day that we were there.  Fortunately, the rain generally only lasted an hour or so.  

Except for dinner and some shopping, we didn't leave the hotel very much.  The have a great pool, a nice beachfront, and even a couple of game rooms for kids.  They also have plenty of places for adults to sit and relax.  

Jacob is always a bit of the odd man out on these trips.  Each family has a girl in the first grade (well, moving to 2nd grade now) at ISB, and they are all friends.  Nalin also gets along very well with the girls.  There is one other boy who is two years younger than Jacob.  They actually got along pretty well on this trip; playing video games together.

Tim, the boys and a dad went sailing on a catamaran for an hour each day.  They had a really good time, and Jacob is already planning on buying one of his own so that he can rent it out and make money.  Jacob definitely has an bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, as he comes up with lots of ideas for businesses.  Of course, it's better that these are still in the idea stage.

On Sunday, the girls rode on a "doughnut" boat.  It consists of a giant inter-tube with three seats in front, and a place for a person to kneel and ride in the back.  A jet ski pulls the boat through the water.  The ride is a lot of fun; fun if you are one of three people in the front seats. The person in the back has to stay on by holding on to handles.  Of course the girls rode in the front seats.  On the first trip, I rode in the back.  Very early on I could feel my arms burning, particularly when we hit a wave or even worse, when the jet ski would spin around and cause the doughnut to go in a circle.  During those moments, I realized that centrifugal forces is a real bitch.  

By the end of the ride, my arms were like jello.  Fortunately, one of the other dads is a fitness expert and is very good shape.  Jack took the next three shifts on the boat, and by the end, his arms were tired as well.  

I took a bunch of photos.  I'm having some Internet issues, so there will be more that show up in the blog later.  Some photos I agreed not to put online.  One of the moms is pretty well known in Thailand and she doesn't want photos of her in a bikini to get out.  She doesn't look bad in a bikini, it's just a cultural thing.  Of course that doesn't prevent me from teasing her that I'm going to sell them to a Thai tabloid.  





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