Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chinese Food

One thing about our trip so far that I've really been happy about is the food.  The hotel breakfast is not spectacular, but the lunch and dinners that we've had so far have been really good.  We booked the trip through a travel agency, and the price included flights, hotels and all the meals.  Our tour guide told us that we must have paid a bit more for our package because we were eating at nicer restaurants than usual.  We weren't stopping at the restaurants that the tour buses generally stop at.

Two of my favorite dishes so far have actually been vegetable dishes.  Last night we had some green beans than had been pan friend and sautéed with garlic.  They were so good we ordered a second bowl.  At dinner this evening, they served a mushroom dish that thought was some kind of shell fish.  It was really good.  Hopefully the good food continues.  

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