Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In China

We just finished our second day of our week long trip to China.  Yesterday was largely spent traveling.  Our flight arrived at 3:30 p.m. Beijing time, and by the time we cleared immigration, customs, and collected our baggage, it was time to go to dinner and then to the hotel.

This morning we visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.  Tim and I had visited both in our trip in January, and this trip was very different.  The first difference was the temperature.  In January, the temperature was below zero Fahrenheit, while today it was over 90 degrees.  The crowds were a lot bigger today.  While neither Tiananmen Square nor the Forbidden City were empty in January, the crowds were probably a quarter of the size.  I don't remember noticing the line to see Mao's Mausoleum on our last trip, while today it stretched the length of the square, twisting on itself.  The guide said that the wait was probably more than ninety minutes.  

The girls weren't really having a great time with the crowds and heat.  At their age, I'm not sure if I enjoyed seeing sites as much either.  I'm not sure if Jacob was having a great time, but he was really making an effort to not complain and to make the best of a hot day.

After lunch we visited the Lama Temple and then took a break at the hotel for an hour before we went to dinner.  After dinner, we saw a dance show of the history of Beijing.  Tim and I saw it during our January trip, but the kids hadn't.  Interestingly, the show had been full when we came in January, but tonight less than a quarter of the tables were occupied.  The girls really enjoyed the show which at least ended the day on a positive note.

Tomorrow we are visiting the Great Wall, which is something that all three kids are looking forward to doing. 

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