Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lady Gaga

Tim and some of her friends are going to the upcoming Lady Gaga concert in Bangkok this May. Apparently Joy knew someone who was able to score them tickets before they went on sale to the general public.

While they did not ask me if I wanted to go, I was hardly upset, as I probably would have declined. One person in our family who did not take being excluded very well was Aleena. When she learned that her mom had tickets and that she (Aleena) would not be able to go, she started crying. At one point she was on the floor weeping loudly stating "I want to go". Tim was at work at the time, so I had the joy of dealing with that myself.

I explained that none of her friends were going; that this was only for the moms. Aleena asked who was going, and when I told her, she said that one of them should give up their ticket so that she could go instead. Unsuccessful with this tact, she wrote a letter to her mom, which included a picture of herself crying because she could not go.

Aleena has brought it up a couple of more times since the initial outburst of tears, and while she didn't cry, it's clear that she is not happy about it.  I guess I'm going to hear about this for a while.

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