Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let It Rain

The girls camping trip was certainly a memorable one.  On their second day, a strong storm swept through the campsite, tossing around the tents, and even knocking over some trees.  Most of the girls were out doing activities at the time, while a few mothers who had stayed behind to rest frantically tried to zip up the tents to prevent everything from getting wet.

Some of the troops made the decision to head back home on Saturday night and forgo another night at the camp ground and the next day's activities.  Aleena's Brownie troop was one of those who chose to go home, while Tim stayed with her Junior group.  The lodge allowed those who stayed to move into rooms instead of staying in wet tents.  I think that this made for a more pleasant stay the second night, because while the rooms are not air conditioned, they have fans and are much more comfortable than sleeping in a tent.

I remember two years ago when Jacob and I camped at the same place while he was a Cub Scout.  We had not properly attached the rain guard on the tent that first night, and were rewarded with some rain in our tent.  Fortunately we woke up before things were too wet, and I was able to correct the problem.  We were certainly not the only ones to get wet that night, several families faring much worse than us.

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