Saturday, April 28, 2012

Japan, Here We Come

The family has just recently returned from our trip to Japan.  This trip has been a long time coming; we cancelled four trips to Japan over the last few years; reasons ranging from visa issues to last minute business obligations.  Our trip last year was scuttled by hell and high water cause by the tsunami and nuclear issues.

For some reason, I was just not that excited about going on this trip.  Perhaps planning it several times and having things fall through had left me a bit jaded.  I booked the flight and hotels, did some of the research, but let Tim do a lot of the detailed planning.

Our plan was to spend five nights in Tokyo, and then head south to the ancient capital of Kyoto.  We planned to take some day trips from each city.

We flew into Tokyo on JAL arriving in the late afternoon.  By the time that we arrived at our hotel, the Hotel Century Southern Tower in the Shinjuku district, it was already getting late.  The hotel  location was less than a five minute walk from the Shinjuku train, bus and subway station, making it very convenient for getting around Tokyo.  The Krispy Kreme Donuts shop across the pedestrian walkway made eating many dozens of donuts very convenient.

Interestingly, the hotel lobby was on the 20th floor.  We took one set of elevators to get to the lobby, and another set to get to our room.

After getting checked in, we went to get something to eat.  Our first meal in Tokyo was at Yoshinoya, a restaurant that sells curry and meat dishes.  The place was small, with a counter upstairs and one downstairs .  There were no booths or tables.  I had a curry dish with pork that was really quite tasty.  The kids loved the place, and we ended up eating there on at least one other occasion. 

Everyone was pretty tired by the time we ended up getting to bed. 




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