Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gymnastic Meet

Aleena had her BISAC gymnastic meet today at Harrow International School. She was on the level one junior squad for ISB as they competed against four other schools. The ISB junior level one squad placed third as a team.

 Aleena, for her part, performed much better than she did at last year's ISB Black & Gold gymnastics meet. In addition to being better at the different events, she didn't stick her tongue out at anyone while she was being scored on the balance beam. It is still accurate to say, however, that she is there to have fun. I think that she enjoys socializing with her teammates more than actually performing. Still, as long as she is having fun, its fine with me.

 I took a lot of photos of the level one junior and senior ISB squads. I didn't have explicit permission to cross the barrier and take photos with the professionals hired to take photos for the event, but I stayed out of everyone's way and no-one asked me to leave. Between today's gymnastics meet and the two Panther Paw events this weekend, I am going to have a lot of photos to go through.

 While most of the photos from today have not yet been edited, I did make a first pass of some of Aleena. In some cases, I am going to go back and clean these up more.
_P9Z7902 _P9Z7873
_P9Z7480 _P9Z7472-Edit
_P9Z6913 _P9Z6741

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