Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labor Day

Like much of the world, today Thailand celebrated labor day. Most Thais are off of work today. Tim did not go in the office, although she did some work from home.

Aleena was off of school today. The non-teaching staff at ISB was off today, but Nalin and Jacob had classes.

I'm glad the U.S. celelbrates Labor Day in September instead of on May 1st. When I think of May first, I think of May Day as celebrated by the communist regimes. The old Soviet Union celebrated May Day with the parading of tanks, missiles and other manifestations of its military prowess through the streets of Moscow.

Those communist regimes certainly looked out for the workers. In addition to killing over 60 million between them, Soviet Stalin and Chinese Chairman Mao impoverished most of their people. And let's not forget about the worker's paradise that is North Korea, where its people sometimes resort to "feasting" on delicacies such as tree bark.

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