Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ES Games

The kids had their ES (Elementary School) games this week.  Each grade has its version of the games where the classes in that grade compete against each other.  The events differ based on the grade, although there are some standards.  There is usually a sprint, a relay and a distance run.  For the 4th graders it was an 800 meter run, while the 3rd graders did 600 meters.  The kindergartners only had to run 50 meters.  

Not all the kids participate in each of the running events.  Jacob ran in the 800 meter and finished in the middle of the pack.  His shoe flew off in the first 50 meters.  This was a theme for him, as he lost them in the sprints and the sprint relays.  He was wearing shoes that fasten with Velcro, and apparently kept them too loose.  Overall Jacob's class was not the most athletic of fourth graders.  There was an event where they had to catch a tennis ball, and the difference between Jacob's class and the rival class was stark.  Not even 1/3 of Jacob's class could catch the ball, while the other team seemed to have little trouble.  

Nalin didn't do the sprint or distance run, but she was part of her class' relay team.  When they told me that she had the second fastest time on the team, I knew they were not going to be finishing near the top.  They didn't.  She had fun though.

Aleena had fun at her game.  She really isn't about competition at all.  During her "sprint", she had her head turned looking at the other kids. 

I took quite a few photos this week.  I've posted a few, but there are a lot to go.  Someday.

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