Sunday, December 13, 2009


This evening Tim had VIP tickets for the family to go to a firework show in honor of the King.  The show was not very far from the house.  Absent traffic, you could drive there in ten or fifteen minutes.  The traffic certainly wasn't absent today.  It took us over two hours to make the short drive.  Had we known, we could have walked there much more quickly.  

The traffic jam was only the beginning.  Tim had a VIP parking pass, but somehow we made a wrong turn and had to double park along the side of the road.  We arrived right before the show started and were lucky to find seats.  The VIP area is reserved until a certain point at which they let anyone into the area.  Tim's brother Top and his family were a few rows behind us.  They didn't know we were coming, nor did we know they were.  We were a bit hungry, as we had planned on eating at a food stand before the show started, but we got there so late.  Tim asked an event worker where she could buy food, and they told her that she was entitled to a snack with her tickets.  It was a little box like you might get on an airplane.  It had a small sandwich, orange juice, some savory pastry and a piece of cake.  I wasn't really paying attention to the food, as I was trying to get my camera setup to take some photographs of the fireworks.  Nalin asked if it was okay if she ate the cake, and the nanny told her yes.  Soon after she said her lips started itching.  Turns out there were nuts in the cake.

After a little while, Nalin was itching more, so Tim decided to take her home as we hadn't packed Benedril or an Epipen with us.  Tim arranged for the rest of us to get a ride back home with Top.  After the show, we were talking towards Top's father-in-law's house, which was close by and where he had parked.  I talked to Tim and she had not made it very far in the 45 minutes that she had left.  After walking about 25 minutes, we actually caught up with Tim and got in the car.

Nalin was really upset and not feeling well.  It probably took us a total of close to ninety minutes from the time the show ended until we got home.  Tim gave Nalin some medicine, and she seems to be feeling better.  She certainly has calmed down quite a bit.  Tim's sleeping in the girls room to monitor them.  



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