Sunday, February 6, 2011


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Today ISB's Thai PTA sponsored a bowling event at one of the local malls. The event consisted of bowling and a buffet lunch. There seemed to be a pretty decent turnout. Each of the kids had friends there and they had fun bowling.

In addition to the use of the lane bumpers, the rules of the bowling were a little different than normal. You only threw one ball for each frame, and if you had an even number of pins standing you were credited with a strike, an odd number of pins. If you managed to throw all gutter balls, you would have scored a 300.

They kicked off the bowling with all the kids throwing a ball; anyone who got a strike would get a medal. No-one got a strike, but Jacob and Nalin were the only two who had only one pin standing, so they received medals. Of course, at the end all the kids received medals.

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