Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Aleena & The Leprechaun

Last night after dinner, Aleena asked me if leprechauns were real.  Not wanting to spoil anything for her, I told her that while I hadn't seen one, I wasn't sure if they were real.  

As we talked, it turned out that this was just not a question that popped in her head at the moment.  Earlier in the day, one of her first grader friends told Aleena and others that if you didn't wear green when you went to sleep on the eve before St. Patrick's day, that a leprechaun would come and pinch you.  Aleena and two other girls had decided that they would test this by not wearing green at night.  

Aleena's resolve broke, however, and she decided that discretion was the better part of valor and donned green pajamas.  The fact that Jacob told her that he had been pinched for not wearing green in the past may have pushed her over the edge.  The whole thing was pretty cute.  

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