Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Sleep and Fun

Last night was the first night since we've been back that I got a full night of sleep.  I woke up the first night at 4:00 a.m. to the sound of the kids walking upstairs.  The second night Nalin woke me up at 1:00 a.m. because she was itchy.  Today, I slept in until 9:30.  I was half awake when I heard Jacob walking downstairs to talk to me.  He wanted to tell me that he had figured out the sound on the computer upstairs.  I told him that it was a good thing that it was late and I was already half-awake.

We went to the library today then had lunch at Frisch's Big Boy.  Our first stop was IHOP, but service was just dreadful.  We waited fifteen minutes to be seated in a half empty restaurant, and then sat for ten minutes without anyone taking our order, so we left. 

After a quick stop at Hallmark to pick up some Webkinz, we went and saw the Karate Kid movie.  The kids really enjoyed it, and I thought it was okay.  It was funny that Aleena thought that the main character, Dray, was a girl. 

I went out to dinner with some friends to an Irish place at Newport on the Levee.

Overall it was a pretty good day.  Tomorrow I'm thinking about taking the kids to the zoo, but not sure yet. 

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