Monday, October 4, 2010

Immigration Officer

The immigration official that processed me here yesterday was not very friendly.  My current visa was put in at he end of my passport (skipping the 20 pages that I had added at he Embassy prior to receiving it), so he couldn't find it.  Usually I put my arrival card on that page, but either I forgot or he pulled it out without looking. 

He pointed the previous one and said "this was canceled."  I politely offered to to show him where it was in the book and he just glared at me.  Eventually he found it, as he paged through my entire passport.  The funny part was that when I arrived, there was no line, and Tim challenged that she would still get done before me.  I would have won if it weren't for him not letting me show him. 

Tim said he probably didn't give it to me because he thought it would cause him to lose face as he couldn't find it.  Oh well.

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