Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen

On the last day of our Siem Reap trip, Tim and I did one of the "craft tours".  This is the kind where they show you how things are made, and then lead you to an expensive showroom at the end where you can spend money. Since the driver/guides usually get a kick back on this, I'm not a big fan.  In fact, I hate them, make a point to never buy anything at them.

Tim and I had our own guide there who showed us around to four or five small buildings where they made the art for sale.  They had painters, as well as people working with stone, wood and metal.  As he would take us to each place, he would give a little talk about what they were doing.  But before he did, each time he would start off saying "ladies and gentlemen."  It was really funny, because there were only two of us and he said it every time.

We didn't say anything so as not to cause him to lose face, and because explaining the nuance to him might have been a bit challenging.  Let me be clear that I am not making fun of the guy.  English is not his first language, so I have nothing but admiration.  I often hear English spoken incorrectly, but I am usually able to understand well enough, so it doesn't make a lasting impression.

I remember this because it was funny.  If you just listened to his words, you would think that he was addressing a large group of people, not just Tim and I.  

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