Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mini Entrepreneurs

Outside all the temples are groups of children selling things from bracelets, kitchen magnets, postcards, and t-shirts.  Generally I say no thanks, but I decided to buy something today.  I told one girl that I didn't like magnets, and without missing a beat, another girl who couldn't have been more than seven years old said "you said you don't like magnets, but I have postcards, buy some postcards."

I had been thinking of buying postcards from someone so I decided to buy from her.  I had been offered ten for $1 about a dozen times already, so I said "10 for a dollar".  She said two dollars.  I laughed and said no, so she sold them for a dollar.  There was another girl selling bracelets, three for a dollar, so I was going to buy some for the girls.  At this point other kids realized that someone was buying something, and it was like blood in the water.  I was surrounded by a dozen or so kids, all yelling out to get my attention.  I bought some bracelets and then headed for the car.  

I understand the strategy of trying to make the sale when you have a "live" customer, but the problem is that it was too much.  I was thinking of buying a t-shirt and maybe even some more bracelets, but there too many kids shoving things towards me.  

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