Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aleena's Birthday

Yesterday was Aleena's birthday. She started the morning off talking to her friend McKayla on Skype. We are trying to have the girls talk together every week or two, as they both miss each other.

After breakfast, we went to the hospital to have some allergy tests done on Nalin and Aleena. They were both actually excited about it, because they hoped that they would outgrow some of their allergies; particularly those involving milk and puppies. The results were mixed. We can start giving them more things with milk in them, like cheese and baked items, but no puppies. In fact, the doctor told us that if we did get a dog, the allergies would continue to worsen.

The girls were getting the skin test, which involves the doctor scratching their skin lightly and exposing them to possible allergens. They each had perhaps fifty little scratches on their arms. I was sitting out in the waiting room with Jacob while Tim was in the doctor's office with Aleena and Nalin. I heard this wailing and screaming coming from back area. I went back, and sure enough, Aleena was screaming about how itchy her arm was. She wasn't allowed to scratch or even bend her arms, so Tim and I took turns fanning her arms. I'll say this, although Nalin had much stronger reactions to many of the tests, she took it like a trooper.

We ended up being at the doctor's office a lot longer than we thought because the doctor forgot to provide us an action plan for Aleena. The action plan tells the school what to do in case they eat something to which they are allergic.

Originally, Aleena said that she wanted to go to Sizzler for her birthday dinner. Later, she decided that she wanted to order pizza and eat it in front of the TV at home. She also decided that she would help Tim bake a cake instead of going to the mall to buy one. Shortly before dinner, her dear friends Nyla and Kaylee stopped by briefly to give her presents.

After dinner, we celebrated with cake and ice cream. By the time they showered, it was bed time for the kids.

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Heather Vogel said...

Ethan has been talking all week about Aleena's birthday being on the 21st. He thought he was going to her birthday party. It was difficult explaining that one to him on Sunday. Anyhow, we all hope she enjoyed her day. I love how she kept her dinner simple. Such a sweet little girl. It's hard to believe she is 7. Take care and tell everyone we said hello.