Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Basketball season started last weekend, and for the first time, we have all three of our kids playing basketball. Jacob and Nalin were both eager to play, but Aleena was much less so. She was even a bit less enthusiastic when she found out that the boys and girls played together in her division, and that boys outnumbered the girls four to one.

The last two years I was an assistant coach for Jacob's team. This year, instead, I volunteered to take photos for the league. Indoor basketball photography presents some challenges because of the general poor lighting and the fact that you generally aren't supposed to use a flash (at least at high school level and below). I have some pretty fast lenses and my camera actually handles lower lighting pretty decently so the challenges weren't insurmountable.

I ended up spending quite a bit of time at the games on Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon. Much more time than I would have spent if I just coached.

The last game was Aleena's, and during the warmup, I went to change lenses. I couldn't get the lens to screw in. I tried a few times, and then decide that I would turn a bit harder. The lens screwed in about 3/4's way and became stuck. I had to take the camera to the Canon repair service here in Bangkok. They told me that it would take one or two weeks (better than the month they quoted for my lens). La from Fotofile in the Chaengwattanna Central called over and got them to reduce the turn around time to 3 days. Fotofile may be the biggest Canon retailer in Thailand, and there shop in MBK is right next to the Canon repair service center. Those guys have a lot more pull in getting Canon to prioritize my repair.

Not only did La get the repair expedited, but Fotofile is going to pick it up for me so that I can pick it up at their shop ( a fifteen minute bike ride versus an hour cab ride). It cost me about $100 and a bottle of Scotch. I didn't have to buy the Scotch, but I figured that those guys went out of their way to help me out. The good news is I'll get the camera and lens back just in time for Friday's games.

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