Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reunion of Cousins

Yesterday, Jacob, Nalin and Aleena had a reunion with many of their cousins. The last time Pam's, Tip's and Top's and our children were all together was six years ago; they've all changed quite a bit since then. The kids arrived about four o'clock and we started by taking some photos. Before the big group shot, I took some photos of brothers and sisters together. I took some photos of all eleven kids in my "studio". The challenge is that with eleven people in three rows, the shadows fall a bit differently than they do on smaller groups. Still, there was at least one shot that turned out decently enough. Just to make sure that I got at least one good shot, we went outside and took some safety shots. After photos, the kids played until the pizza arrived. Then, after eating, they played some more. The kids got along fabulously and everyone seemed to have a great time. Hopefully we can do it again before six more years have passed.
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