Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School Started

After a long and mostly enjoyable summer, the kids started back to school on Monday.  The changes for Nalin and Aleena were relatively small as they are both still in elementary school.  

Aleena is now a second grader, which means that the school does not require someone to pick her up or drop her off at school.  It really doesn't matter though, because Tim and I ride bikes with the kids to school, and we'll still have Yaow or myself pick her up.  

Jacob is facing a big change now that he is in middle school.  He now switches rooms for each class and is not with the same group of people for nearly every class.  Middle schoolers have lockers and get to eat in the high school/middle school cafeteria.  In elementary school, the cost of lunch is rolled into the tuition cost, while in middle and high school, they have a school debit card.  Oh, and each student also gets their own Macbook Pro to use.  

The homework is supposed to increase quite a bit in middle school, but we haven't seen much in the first few days.  I'm sure that will change.  

For right now, I'm glad they are back in school.    

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