Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hong Kong

With the flood waters threatening, we decided to more to dryer ground; grounds actually. Tim and Aleena are actually in China on a trip with her brother Top, while Jacob is in Krabi on a Boy Scout field Trip. Nalin and I made last minute plans to visit Hong Kong, and we took Yaow with us. The reason that we are scattered about is that originally my best friend Dave and his wife Robin were going to visit us. They were going to arrive on the 24th of October. That is one of the reasons that Nalin and I didn't go on the trip with Tim to China; we wanted to be here when they arrived. Nalin and I were going to stay home, and on Wednesday the entire family was going to to to Chaing Rai for a few days. As it looked like the flooding was going to hit Nichada, I decided to take Nalin somewhere. I tried to get flights to Chaing Rai and Chaing Mai, but they were booked through Sunday (today). I was worried that if I waited too long, I might get flooded in and not be able to go, so I booked the trip to Hong Kong. We arrived Friday evening in time to check into our note and go to bed. We spent all day Saturday at Disneyland, and Nalin had an absolute blast. It was really nice to be on a trip with just her. Normally she has to compromise with her brother and sister on what to ride and what to do; this time was all her choice. On Sunday, we visited the HK Botanical Gardens, Stanley Market, and the night market at Temple Street. We also saw the gatherings of Filipino maids all over the city. It's their off day, and tens of thousands of them gather together in the city; play cards, have picnics, and chat with their friends. Tomorrow we are back to Disney for a second go round. I gave Yaow the day off so that she can do a little exploring herself. Nalin and I should do just fine by ourselves at Disney. We head back Tuesday afternoon, so we might do something in the morning before we go. We might go up to the China Bank building.

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