Thursday, July 15, 2010

Insurance & Zip Codes

So I was wondering why I hadn't seen the renewal policy for my home and insurance policy.  I had called my agent when I got back to the states, and she told me it had been renewed.  I was waiting for the bill, but then it slipped my mind.  So I called my agent who did some searching, but then discovered it was going to be canceled next week for lack of payment. 

I decided to attempt to pay online, but it said that my policy number and zip code did not match.  Called back my agent, and she told me the zip code related to my policy.  I had changed the billing address to my brother's house some time ago.  Since he moved here over six months ago, the post office stopped forwarding the mail.  That's why I never saw my policy or statement.  Fortunately I was able to make the payment online and avoid cancellation.

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