Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kings Island

I think today was the kids favorite day since coming back to the U.S. for the summer.  We went to Kings Island (KI) today.  For those of you not from the Midwest, KI is an amusement park just north of Cincinnati.  It has some really great roller coasters as well as a nice area for smaller kids branded with the Snoopy.

Jacob was fortunate in that he is now tall enough to ride all the rides at KI.  Nalin can ride most of the rides, including The Beast, but cannot ride a handful of rides, including the new Diamondback coaster.  Aleena can ride all the rides in the Snoopy area, and some rides in other parts of the park.

We started the day with Jacob and I going together, and Nalin, Aleena and Yaow together.  The girls were in the Snoopy area, while the guys rode the Crypt, Vortex and the Diamondback.  The Diamondback was my first real coaster in a while, and man, that first downhill is really something.

After lunch, Nalin joined Jacob and I so that she could ride some bigger rides.  One almost forgotten gem of a coaster is the Racer.  Its been there for a long while, but we were able to ride it three times in a row without any wait.  Nalin got her first taste of The Beast today.  She was pretty nervous about it at first, but after the ride she said that she loved it.  We also tried out the Drop Zone, which is billed as the higher and fastest gyro drop.

We met up again and Jacob and I went back out.  Our intent was to hit a few big rides, but there were some distant storms and a few rain drops so a lot of the rides were shut down.  Still we got to give the bumper cars a go, and played a few rounds of the ghost shooter game (similar to Disney's Buzz Lighter year attraction).
Shortly before the park closed at 10:00 p.m., we went to our van, ate a very late dinner and watched the fireworks.

I left my slr at home and used the waterproof Canon D10.

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