Friday, July 30, 2010

What We Did

One of the things I enjoy about taking photos is that it acts as a record of what I did on a certain day.  As I was loading the photos from our trip into Lightroom, I was reflecting on some of the things we did. 

This trip was pretty kid focused, and overall, I think they had a great time.  In addition to spending time with family and friends and going on a shopping spree to spend banked Christmas money, the kids got to do a fair bit.  Generally we stayed in Cincinnati, but did make a few day trips.  Here are the highlights:

Kings Island (twice)
Kings Island is an awesome amusement park with something for everyone.  It boasts some great roller coasters as well as the top rated non-Disney kids park.  Jacob was tall enough to ride all the roller coasters and Nalin could ride a fair number of them.  Aleena could ride the all the rides in Snoopy Land as well as some in other parts of the park.  I think this was the highlight of the trip for the kids.  I enjoyed the coasters too.  Yaow, however, is less adventurous than Aleena when it comes to thrill rides, so I don't think this was her favorite part.

Mammoth Cave

We are lucky to live three and a half hours from a world heritage site and national park that boasts the largest limestone cave system in the world. 

Cincinnati Children's Museum
The Cincinnati Children's Museum does a fantastic job, and the kids love playing there.  It was especially nice because my friends Joe and Bill brought their children as well.   

Indianapolis Children's Museum
This has been ranked the top children's museum in the country, and not without good reason.  Its four floors of attracts have something for everyone.  The highlight for Jacob was probably the rock wall climb, while I think the girls really enjoyed the Barbie exhibit and dress making workshop.  The fact that they were the only two in it meant they got a lot of attention.

Cincinnati Reds Game
I didn't expect that I would get to take them to see a Red's team that was atop of their division this summer, but indeed I did. 

We visited a number of parks while we were back, including Sawyer Commons, Devou Park, Woodland Mound (water play area) and Juilif Park. 

Cincinnati Zoo
We visited the zoo twice as a family, and the kids attended it once during summer camp.

Summer Camp
The kids spent one week attending a summer camp in Anderson.  Four of those days, they spent part of the day at Coney Island water park, and the other day they visited the zoo.  This was not only nice for the kids, but also for me as well. 

July 4th
We celebrated our first July 4th back in the States (for the kids anyway) in two years by visiting the Anderson Parade and going to the Cincinnati Pops' Red White and Boom concert and firework show.

Butterfly Show
We arrived in town just in time to see the Krohn Conservator's butterfly show. 

Of course we ate.  In addition to mom and dad fixing a Thanksgiving feast, we dined out quite a few times.  Our choices included Frisch's Big Boy, Red Robin, Jersey Mike's, White Castle, Chipotle, IHOP, Red Squirrel (surprisingly Jacob's favorite place), Chuck E Cheese, several Mexican restaurants, Cracker Barrel, Larosas and more. 

By the end of the trip, I was ready to come back.  And although they said they weren't, I think the kids were as well.  Now only a week before school starts.  Yeah!

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