Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day

Today was a pretty average day.  Jacob's basketball team lost their first game of the season.  They didn't play well, but their opponent had some of the top kids in the league on it.  Jacob did a nice job on defense, he really hustled, which you have to do when you are on of the smallest kids on the court. 

Nalin's class is reading a book called The City of Embers.  They are tying in science with the reading, and her project is to create a flashlight that could help the characters in the book explore.  Of course, parental help was allowed.  After experimenting with different sized light bulbs and wires, she was able to get her prototype to work.  The final project isn't due for another week and a half, but they have to bring in some photos tomorrow to show that they are making some progress. 


In the last month or so, I had started playing World of Warcraft (Wow) again.  I had not played more than a dozen hours in almost two and a half years when I started back up.  Part of the reason was that I hadn't been as passionate about photography lately.  I've taken photos, mostly of the kids, but I just didn't feel it. 

One of the challenges with playing Wow now is that I have a lot of free time.  I was playing quite a bit, and was enjoying the game.  Today, however, I decided it was enough, so I deleted some characters, did something to try to get my account banned (but that didn't work, in part because I didn't try very hard) and finally reset my authenticator on my iTouch.  The authenticator is an anti-hacking protection measure.  The authenticator is tied to your account, and generates an eight digit code that you have to enter as apart of your login.   By resetting it, I am unable to log into my account.

The problem that I have is that I forgot to cancel my monthly subscription before I reset it.  Now I have to go through the billing department to get that straightened out. 

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