Monday, September 13, 2010

Health Week

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This week the ISB PTA is sponsoring health week, where they encourage kids to engage in healthy behaviors, such as exercising and eating right. Today the kids were supposed to walk to school (although riding bikes was also considered good behavior).

The kids who rode their bikes or walked to school received a voucher for a free fruit smoothie (aka a Twist). I was one of a couple of people asked to take some photos of the kids walking and biking to school.

I heard through the grape vine that some parents weren't happy that the PTA was dictating to the kids how they would get to school. The PTA did no such thing. They rewarded the kids for walking or biking, which I don't think is a bad thing. They certainly didn't force anyone to ride their bike. The parking lot to the school was open as always. In fact, it would be impossible for the school to require all students to walk or ride a bike, as many take buses from downtown Bangkok.

My guess is that some kids in Nichada really wanted to walk to school, and the parents didn't want to be bothered. Hey, I have no problem with that. Just tell your kid "no, we aren't walking". I have no problems disappointing my kids, in fact, I kind of look at it as part of my job as a dad.

While the focus is on the health of the kids, the health of my camera was in serious question today. I had it slung over my back with my flash and largest lens (Canon 2.8 IS USM 70-200 for those of you keeping score) and I tried to move it to adjust it a bit. I must have hit the quick release and the camera, lens and flash crashed to the floor. Batteries flew everywhere, and even the battery door for the battery pack flew off.

The first few words out of my mouth were not "oh darn". After a bit of checking, it appears that everything still works. The flash has a crack in the casing, but it is not anything major. I want a new camera, but I'd prefer to buy it because I want it, not because I no longer have one that works.

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