Thursday, September 16, 2010


The kids are off of school today for some ISB holiday.  I'm not quite sure why they are off for this one, but they are certainly happy with it.  Tim is taking off work tomorrow for a short weekend trip.  We aren't leaving until the afternoon because Jacob has a basketball game that starts at noon. 

Last night at Jacob's basketball practice, I was guarding a couple of kids before practice and twisted my ankle.  So now I'm limping around the house. 

Started playing around with the sound trigger for my camera.  Popped some water balloons, but the water splashed a lot farther than I expected, so I'm now having to cover everything in plastic.  The challenge is that I need to do it indoors during the day, because the room needs to be dark.  That way I can leave the camera in bulb mode (hold open the shutter manually) and the only light is from the flash.  When I get a few more I'll put them on Flickr and the blog.

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