Thursday, September 23, 2010

No 3G For You & A Crappy Constitution

Thailand's appeals' court upheld the injunction on the 3G license.  Its believed that Thailand could be four years away from having an operation 3G network.  So right about the time when 3G will be useless for business and personal use, they will be ready to roll it out.

The court's ruling is based on the 2007 constitution drafted by the coup makers and imposed on Thailand (I mean shoved down the people's throat) and tepidly approved by the Thai people (it was that or the coup leaders stayed in control).  The 2007 constitution is one of these modern type constitutions where the "enlightened" eggheads try to enumerate so many details.  The constitution actually dictates who should be in charge of licensing of frequencies.

Its brevity is part of the beauty and genius of the U.S. Constitution.  Its sets up the basic relationship of the people and their government, and leaves the rest to them.  It recognizes that the government is one of the people.  Here, its kind of the people's government, so long as they chose who the powerful approve of wisely.

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