Monday, December 7, 2015

Car Battery

With my wife gone overseas for 2 weeks with another 2 before her return, I am "enjoying" my time with the kids.  After looking at the mess that was the house this morning, I had to explain the impending consequences of grounding.  Beating is out of the question, unless my wife extends her trip another few weeks.  Kidding, sort of.

We all pile into my car this morning and it wouldn't start.  Just really enhanced my mood.  Fortunately my wife's care does so I am able to go get the kids to school.  When I returned I decided to try to charge it with the little Anker charger that I bought a few months back.  After unsuccessfully trying I read that it only charges engines up to 3.0 liters.  My 3.5 liter engine was too much.

Just last week I had canceled my Mercedes MBrace subscription, which for some reason I thought was the service that included roadside assistance.  Off to Walmart to pick up some jumper cables.  After several attempts to jump start my car, the only result I could achieve was a very brief and unsatisfying set of clickings. 

I called the dealership who informed me that much go my ignorance, I was still covered under Mercedes roadside assist.  I guess my driveway is on the side of a road (or a rather minor street). Technician arrived in under an hour and ended up replacing the battery.  

I guess all is well that ends well. 

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