Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Trip

This year Tim and I decided to take the family back to Kentucky to visit family for Christmas.  We decided to save some money and spend our remaining frequent flyer miles instead of dollars to buy airline tickets.  I had enough to buy three tickets with mine, Tim enough to buy one, and Aleena to buy another.

The bad thing about Aleena buying a ticket in her name was that even though we called Delta to have them link her reservation to mine and Tim's, they would not let her check in online.  It appears as if she was an 11 year old traveling alone.  "Well you understand why we can't change the status via phone right?  We don't really know that you are traveling with her."  No, I do not understand that.  I understand that you won't change it via phone.  I also understand that before I called to link the accounts you might not have figured out we were flying together, but now I told you we are flying together, our seats are together, we have the same last name, and the reservations were made within minutes of each other.  It wasn't a huge deal though.  The lines were pretty long when we got there, but Tim was walking around, saw an Delta agent and convinced her to help us.

We had the chance to see how well the TSA Precheck works.  Jacob, Nalin, and Aleena were able to take advantage of my Precheck, while Tim was not.  We took all the bags with us since we wouldn't have to empty them. We zipped though the line extremely quickly while Tim emerged 50 minutes later.  Definitely worth the $85 for five years.

We didn't get the cold and white Christmas that we were hoping for.  The day after we arrived, the cousins came over to visit.  You can see from the photo below that the weather was warm enough for t-shirts and shorts.  Jacob slept all  day which is why he was absent from the photo below.

It is nice that although they are of different ages and don't see each other, they get along really well. Jacob usually ignores his cousins, but he did have a conversation with Ethan about Minecraft.