Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dinner Cruise

Last night we went on a two hour dinner cruise on the Jao Pia Ya river. We actually had a table at the front of the boat on the upper deck.

The view on the cruise was really nice. Our table was probably one of the best you could get .

There were a few draw backs. The food on the cruise was not particularly good. We were also close to the speakers, which Thais seem to have blare too loudly most of the time. We also had some people kind of crowd near our table to get a better view of the river. Tim said something to them after a while and they left.

The nicest part of the cruise was when they turned the boat around to head back. Most of the people had sat down at that point, and the music wasn't quite as loud.

Its something that I would recommend someone do when they come and visit Thailand. What I think will really be fun is to rent a boat and go see the river during the day. Hopefully we'll manage to do that in the next month or so.

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