Saturday, April 12, 2008

Start of Songkron

Although Songkron doesn't officially start until Sunday, April 13th, people are already in the spirit of the holiday. What I'm saying is that the water has already started to fly.

Yesterday I picked up 5 large squirt guns at the market. When I walked outside today, I saw that the kids were making use of them. Nalin was manning a garden hose, while Jacob and Domi (Nalin's friend) had squirt guns. A few houses down, the mother and two daughters (11 and 4) were armed with a hose and squirt gun respectively.

I grabbed an unused squirt gun, and decided to make use of the high ground. I was approaching the other family, intending on inflicting "wet from above" when my traitorous son or daughter pointed at me and shouted a warning. In very short order, it became everyone against me. The battle soon made its way to the pool, and of course the kids and I jumped in, squiring each other, and generally having fun.

Soon the mother came up. The pool has a little wall that separates the shallow from the deeper end. The wall is probably 18 - 24 inches wide, and if you stand on it, the water will cover your ankles. The mother was standing on the little wall, when Nalin came up behind her and pushed her into the pool. The effectiveness of my attempts to scold Nalin was probably muted by the fact that I was laughing when I did it. The mother was laughing, and joined in the fun.

A few other kids came up to the pool while we were playing, and were met with a waterly attack. It was all in fun. At the end of the day, I think the only real "casualty" was my face, which suffered a slight sunburn. Lots of fun.

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