Monday, October 19, 2009

Heading Back Home

I'm in Atlanta waiting for my flight back from Cincinnati. 

I thought I had booked my flight back from Austin for today, the 19th.  When I checked the morning, apparently I had booked it for tomorrow the 20th.  When I called Delta to try to change it, the first agent told me that there were no seats available today.  The guy was a bit of an ass.  They have the suffix ESQ behind my name from my days as an attorney.  He kept calling me Vogelesq even after I politely corrected him several times.  I would say "Vogel, V O G E L" and he would say, "right, Vogelesq".  He didn't even attempt to rebook.  When I told him that I was having trouble accessing my itinerary online, he told me that I shouldn't be having trouble.  Oh, really, I thought?  You guys don't design it to not work?  At my request, he was able to transfer me to someone who could find their butt with both hands, although even this person might have needed a few minutes.

I called back a bit later and talked to someone else.  The lady tried to help me, and even put me on hold and sought help.  She finally came back and said that since the flight was booked through Continental (it was actually through Expedia), that I had to call Continental. 

While I was on hold with Continental, I checked the price to book a brand new one way flight.  I'm glad I did, because when I called Continental, they quoted a price to change it that was almost twice the price of booking a new ticket.  Um, no thanks...

I went to book a new flight online with Delta, but they didn't show seats available for the flight.  I didn't want to pay more money only to fly standby and not actually make it home, so I called.  When I explained I wanted to book a new flight, the CSR told me that she could change my reservation.  When I explained what the other two numb-skulls had told me, she said that they must have been having a bad day.  A subtle shot, I liked it.  In any case I rebooked the flight for today. 

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