Monday, October 5, 2009

More on the Photoshoot

In addition to the heat and bright sun, we had a few other challenges.  On Friday, my car wouldn't start, so Tim had it taken to the shop.  I took Tim's car, which was fine, except my tripod, reflectors and knee pads were in the other car.  (Despite what you hear, the knee pads are not so that I can beg my subjects to smile or pose, they just make kneeling a lot easier).  I had my old tripod, but it isn't as sturdy, particularly with my camera, battery pack, and a heavier lens.

At one point I was setting up the camera, and Sine was about ten feet away leaning against the wall for a shot.  There was a Thai man and his son speaking.  I heard the son say something, but really didn't pay attention.  Then I heard the father say in Thai that "he's taking a photo of his girlfriend."  I just laughed, as did Sine when I told her.  I am seriously thinking of getting her and I matching tee-shirts that read in Thai "Mai Fan ----> " (not my girlfriend/boyfriend). 

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