Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Transit

I'm on my way back to the U.S.  Currently in Japan waiting for my flight to L.A.

Interesting thing on the flight over.  I sat in 16C, which does not have an overhead storage available (a life raft in it), nor does it have a seat in front.  So I had to go find a spot somewhere else.  I went a few rows back, and some old guy said "No, you can't put that there."  I just looked at him and started to move the 2 tiny bags that were occupying a lot of space.  "No No No you can't"  he continued.

I explained that my seat didn't have any storage and I could put it here.  "I don't care if you have a place or not" he said in a raised voice, and then actually grabbed my arms in an attempt to stop me.  The guy was old and wasn't very successful, which was good for him, since if I dropped the bag due to his antics, I would probably have broken his hip.

I told him that if he kept it up they would throw him off the plane.  He then said that he need to be able to get to his bag quickly (I assume for a medicine) and he couldn't move my bag.  I nicely said "asshole, if you had nicely asked and told me that before I would have gladly found another spot", which I then did.  I did say asshole, but I'm not sure where it was in the sentence. 

His reply was "I did, I said no." 

"That is your idea of nicely"

I went back to my seat.  A few minutes later I heard him request someone else not put their bag there, this time in a much nicer voice.

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