Friday, October 30, 2009

In Transit

In Norita (Tokyo) waiting for my flight to Bangkok.  A few minutes ago one of my countrymen was walking through the airport screaming out curses (mom, don't read this part, including fuck, god damn, assholes).  Apparently he was unhappy with something.  Totally uncool. I've said those things before, and sometimes in response to people I deal with.  However, only someone right next to me would actually hear me say something like that.  This guy was turning heads from more than fifty feet away. 

I was seated in the middle seat of exit row (51) for the flight.  Row 51 is a great row in that it has a lot of leg room.  The wall to the restroom is the only thing in front of you, and that's probably 8 or so feet away.  Its one of the few rows where the middle and window seat passengers can get up without requiring the person on the aisle to move.

One of the gentleman sitting next to me was somehow affiliated with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  I think he was a donor.  The orchestra is touring in Japan, and he was going to see them.  He knew John Russel, the former assistant conductor who's wife Thea was a friend of Tim's. 

Only another nine or so hours left before I'm back in Thailand. 

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