Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waiting in LAX

I'm sitting at the El Cholo Catina in LAX.  Sounds a lot better than it is.

The flight from Japan was 9 hours, long by most standards, but at least shorter than the 13 hour from Japan to Detroit. Of course, now I have a 5 hour flight ahead of me. 

I had an excellent seat on the flight from Japan, at least theoretically.  I was in the exit row by the window.  The leg room for one leg was a little cramped, but the other longer than my leg.  Its one of the window seats where you can actually get up and walk around without disturbing the people next to you.

The people sharing the row with me were why the seat was theoretically great.  In the middle seat was a thin guy who had to be over 6'5. While he was thin, he had fairly wide shoulders.  He ended up leaning in my seat fairly frequently thanks to the guy sitting on the aisle, who was just plain big.   My guess is that he tipped the scales at close to 300 lbs. 

Immigration, customs and luggage re-check were a breeze.  I saw some minor TV star in the airport, but I can't place him for sure. 

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