Friday, October 16, 2009


Made it back to Cincinnati last night.  I didn't realize that I was actually on stand-by for my flight from LAX.  The agent in BKK said they couldn't assign a seat because it was a Delta flight on a Northwest itinerary.  I wouldn't normally have believed that, but I had some weird problems with mixing them before. 

Turns out that I got the last seat available.  I was looking at the cleared list (those on standby assigned to a seat) and the standby list.  My name wasn't on either, and there were only one or 2 seats listed available.  I went to the counter and the agent told me she was just issuing my seat.  I ended up sitting in a a middle seat, but fortunately, I was in between two normal sized women.  That was a lot more comfortable than in the same row as two large men.

I've really noticed how fat Americans have become.  Well, maybe they have always been that way.  In fact, I still am fat, just not as fat as I was a year ago. I saw more fat people yesterday traveling than I have in the last year on Thailand (not counting foreigners). 

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