Monday, January 31, 2011


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Jacob started baseball season on Saturday. He's playing for the Colgate Angels, BBSA AAA-Minors league. The league has an opening day ceremony where the teams parade in front of the parents, listen to a speech and then are served hot dogs, chips and a drink. I think that the kids favorite part is the food.

There are three teams in Jacob's division, and each team plays the other two every week. Some weeks we play a game on Friday and one on Saturday, while other weeks we have a Saturday double header. This past week they dropped both games of Saturday's double header. The second game was really close.

Jacob did a pretty decent job swinging the bat. He needs to work on his form, but he had a pair of doubles and scored twice. Even when he made an out, he hit the ball solidly. We need to work a bit on fielding.

The good thing about the league is that the emphasis is still squarely on having fun and teaching the boys the game. Originally they were going to have the boys pitch to each other, but a decision was made to continue using the pitching machine. As the season progresses, they may move to player pitching.

I'm not formally an assistant coach this year, but I'm helping out in practices and occasionally in games when a coach can't make it. This is definitely a good thing, because it will be easier to take photos that way.

The one downside to the first weekend was that Jacob hurt his index finger on his right hand. It still hurts him a bit, but he can bend it and it is only a tiny bit swollen.

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