Friday, January 7, 2011

Jacob Pranked at Christmas

The day after Christmas we gathered at my parents house again to exchange presents with my parents, siblings, and their children.  We had done it in the past after our Christmas Eve celebration, but by the time we would get done, it would be late, and with small children, it was just easier to move it back.

My brother Eric and his wife Heather gave Jacob his present.  It was about the same size as a shoe box.  Jacob tore into it, unwrapping with fervor, leaving no doubt that he was anxious to discover its contents.  After he opened the box, he found tissue paper, which he quickly discarded, expecting to find the present underneath.  Only he didn't.  There was no present under the tissue paper.  Jacob looked a bit crestfallen.  What he did not see, however, was that there was a gift card from GameStop taped to the inside lid of the box.  After he discovered it with some help, he was very happy.

Nicely done Eric.  It will be one of those things that Jacob probably remembers for the rest of his life.  Much like the time that you got the bike for Christmas.  For the sake of those who have not heard the story, I'll share it.

My family would open presents on Christmas morning.  After uncovering the baby Jesus in the nativity scene, we would gather in the living room where we had the Christmas tree, and under it the presents.  Well, most of the presents were under the tree.  Sometimes if there was something that wouldn't fit, my parents or Santa (depending on who left the gift) would put it in another room.  Such was the case that year.

After we opened the presents, my parents sent my brother into the kitchen to get a trash bag for the wrapping paper.  He went to the kitchen, retrieved a garbage bag, and came back in the room.  My parents had a shocked look on their face.  My memory is a little faded, but I think they sent him back again.  The second time he did see his brand new bicycle that was in the closet where the trash bags were kept.  None of us were sure how he missed it, but I'm glad that he did, because I always remember that day when we open Christmas presents.

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