Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nice Guy

From the flight from Cincinnati to Seattle, we were seated apart.  Tim and Nalin had a middle and window seat together, Aleena and I also shared adjacent middle and window seats, while Jacob had a window seat on his own two rows in front of me.  

Before we took off, the man in the middle seat in front of me asked if he could trade with Jacob so he could sit with his friends.  I said I wasn’t sure that he wanted to, but they had asked him and he said it was okay.  I was a bit skeptical that he just didn’t want to say no.  Then the guy on the aisle in my row said that he would trade with Jacob so we could be together.  I kind of shrugged, as it seemed that we had already agreed to have him sit in the middle, so I was kind of hesitant.  The guy said “its no problem, I’ll sit in the middle seat.”  

When the food cart came around, I told the flight attendant that if the man wanted anything, that I would buy him lunch or a drink.  She offered, but he declined, then turned and politely thanked me.  

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