Saturday, January 29, 2011

Take Me Out

Today baseball season started in Bangkok.  After attending opening day ceremonies, Jacob's team played in double header in the afternoon.  They lost both games, but they will certainly get another crack at both teams, as there are only 2 other teams in their division, and they play 2 games each week.  So every week they will play each of the other teams.  Some weeks they play one on Friday night and one on Saturday, while other weeks they have a Saturday double header.

Jacob didn't do too badly at the plate, racking up a couple of doubles.  He hurt his finger in the first game, and played the designated hitter in game 2.  

I'm not one of the assistant coaches, but I am helping with the baseball clinic and helping out a bit as some coaches have multiple children playing at the same time.  For a while I was going to be a "head coach", as they thought they had enough kids for 4 teams but not enough coaches.  They had put 3 of us who volunteered as assistants together.  It turned out that some kids dropped out, and mercifully I didn't have to coach.  

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