Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Sale

Today was the 5th grade book sale at ISB.  Every year the 5th graders collect and sell books, with the proceeds going to help underprivileged children in Thailand to get an education.

I stopped by and picked up Aleena from her classroom to walk her over to the book sale.  She had brought 200 baht (a little less than $7).  The books are 50 baht each, so she had planned on buying four.  As we were getting her money out of the bag, she said that she only wanted to spend 100 baht, because she was going to pay for a book for two of her friends, Nyla and Suhani, who had not brought any money.

It was very nice of her, so I went back into the classroom and spoke with her teacher who allowed me to take Suhani and Nyla with us.  The book sale was just down the hall from their classroom.  When we were talking over, her friends had big smiles.  They were talking about how when the teacher called their names to come up, that they thought they were in trouble.  It was so cute and funny.   

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