Friday, April 8, 2011

Songkron Assembly

Today was the elementary school Songkron assembly at ISB. Songkron is the traditional Thai new year and is celebrated with pouring or throwing water on other people. In my opinion, its the best time to be in Thailand.

The Thai language students put on several performances to entertain and educate about Songkron. The first was a skit where boys and girls in traditional Thai costumes talked about the meaning of Songkron. Afterwards, the students performed a traditional Thai dance accompanied by the playing of drums.

Jacob was a drummer in the show. He told me that all the drummers were boys, but that a few boys had to be dancers. I asked him how the teacher decided who dance and who would drum. Jacob's response was just funny. "The last ones to raise their hands to volunteer to be drummers had to dance."

The students did a great job.  I sat down on the mats in front so that I could get some better photos.


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