Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Years Travels

Songklon, the Thai New Year, is the biggest holiday of the year here. While the official holiday is three days, many people take off the entire week. A great many of the people who come to work in Bangkok go back to their home provinces to celebrate with family.

The Thai schools are still off for their summer break. ISB, the school our children attend, is closed for the week, so we like to use this time to go on trips.  Some years we have stayed in Thailand, while others we've gone abroad.  Its a tough choice because Songklon is probably the most fun time of the year here in Thailand, yet the nine days off makes it a good time to fly somewhere.

We stayed in Thailand last year, so this year we planned to visit Japan.  The recent events there caused us to cancel that trip. Instead, we booked a six day trip to South West China. Our destinations included Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou National Park, and Sichuan. We wanted to include Beijing in our itinerary, but had trouble finding a flight due to the last minute bookings.

Overall we had a pretty fun trip. The beginning was a bit rough, but it definitely picked up at the end. Instead of one long blog, I’ll break it up into smaller bits.

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